Mt. Bethel Children's Consignment Sale


You will love the fabulous deals and finds at Mt. Bethel Children’s Consignment Sale! Please note, children and strollers will not be allowed on the sales floor until after 12pm on Friday of the sale. Shopper’s Nursery information available here.


  1. Bring a list of the types of items you are looking to find. Be sure to include clothing sizes, shoe sizes, and any wishlist items for upcoming birthdays and holidays. Some shoppers bring tape measures and their child’s measurements. That way they will know if those pants will fit.
  2. Bring something to carry your items. Many shoppers use a laundry basket with a belt or rope attached, a rolling cart, or a large tote bag to hold their items while shopping. No wagons, please.
  3. Large items have a claim ticket attached to them. Instead of taking the item with you while you shop, you can fill out the top portion with your name and mobile number, tear off the bottom ticket, and pay for the item at the checkout. Once you have paid, you can take the item off the sales floor.
  4. We accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment. You must show your ID for checks or credit cards. There is a $3 convenience fee for all debit/credit card transactions.
  5. Everything is 30% off on Saturday from 9am to 12pm.  Be sure to come back to shop these great deals!
  6. All sales are final. Items are “as-is” with no guarantees or returns.
  7. Express check-out will be offered when the length of the line merits it for $10 during the sale. Express check-out is a priority waiting for the line that gets you out the door faster. The $10 fee goes to non-profit organizations we support, is tax-deductible, and will be added to your charges when you check out.


  1. No children or strollers are allowed on the sales floor during the Preview Sale and Friday until 12pm. This is for their safety. We do allow babies worn in slings or carriers. We have a loving nursery available for shopper’s during these times; please review Nursery information below.
  2. Trying on clothes is not allowed. Bring a list of sizes and measurements; these will be very valuable to you.
  3. Please don’t leave piles of clothing on the floor. Take a minute to return the items to their proper place. We want our consignors’ merchandise to sell, and that is not possible if it is not where it should be. Thank you!
  4. Do not tamper with the sale tag on the items. An item cannot be purchased without a tag. We check to make sure the tag description matches the item.
  5. Please watch your children. The sales floor is a very busy place. Please do not allow children to play with an item unless you are purchasing it.
  6. Be kind. Please be courteous to the other shoppers, volunteers, and consignors’ items.


4385 Lower Roswell Road Southeast, Marietta, Georgia 30068, United States

[email protected] 770-971-2880