Mt. Bethel Children's Consignment Sale


Q: Do I need to register for a new account for every sale?

A: No, once assigned a consignor number, you will keep that number for all current and future sales. You will be able to register by clicking on Consignor Login. If you do not sell with us for five sales, we will remove your information, and your number will be available for a new consignor.

Q: How do I find out my consignor number and/or password if I have forgotten it?

A: If you have forgotten your consignor number and/or password, there is an option to have it emailed to you. Click on the link for Consignor Login. You will be able to click “forgot password,” and it will direct you to enter your email address. If you do not see the email after a few minutes, please check your spam folder.

Q: How can I update my address, phone number, or email address?

A: Click on the Consignor Login. Then log into the system with your login/password and click “Edit My Information.”

Q: The instructions say I need to enter my clothing items first. I found more clothes after I finished entering everything else. What do I do? Also, do I need to reprint my inventory sheets?

A: Enter the items as you would any other. For clothes, please have them in order by size at item drop-off regardless of the item number. You can print only the tags you need for these new items. You will have to reprint your inventory sheets so your complete inventory is listed.

Q: I changed the price of an item after I printed the tag. Do I need to reprint it?
A: Yes. Any time you make a change to the price, donate/do not donate designation, or discount designation, you should reprint the tag. Also, make sure the inventory sheets you bring to drop-off capture the correct final information.

Q: Should I abbreviate?

A: Yes, abbreviations help identify the brand, color, pattern, etc. See our abbreviations list: NWT, new with tags; EUC, excellent used condition; TCP, B&W, Black and White; Polka, Polka Dots; etc. Describe your items, please! If a tag falls off an item, the description is our only means of pairing the tag and item so it can sell.

Q: If I am bringing children with me to the Preview Sale Thursday night or Public Sale on Friday morning before noon when children and strollers are not allowed on the sales floor, where can I find the nursery?

A: On Thursday, the Shopper’s Nursery is located downstairs, in the church’s main nursery, in the preschool “D” hallway. The nursery is available from 4 to 8pm on Thursday. On Friday, nursery check-in is located by the information booth just outside the “B” hallway and is available from 8:30am to 12pm.

Q: At what age is my child old enough to be allowed on the sales floor during the Preview Sale or the Public Sale, when children and strollers are not allowed?

A: The age varies depending on whether your child is home-schooled or in high school. To enter during the Preview Sale, the volunteer requirement, as well as age requirement must be met. Please email us at [email protected] for specific details.

Q: Do you have any advice to make items entered into the system and item drop-off more efficient?

A: Yes, please thoroughly read and follow our Consignor Instructions. It outlines the rules that must be followed and the most efficient way to organize your items. For item entry, organize clothes and shoes by gender and size. Group together with other items by category. Many fields autofill from the previous entry in the system so having them grouped together will save time and effort. Follow our Facebook account for consignor tips and updates.

For item drop-off, have your inventory sheet ready for us to review, and make sure all items are tagged and prepared according to the guidelines in our Consignor Instructions. First, we receive clothes hung only on wire hangers using safety pins organized by gender then size, then we receive smaller items and will direct you where to put any other items you may be consigning, including large items that will need a special tag in addition to the barcoded tag you printed at home.

Also, if you elect to donate all of your unsold items without exception, there is a special line at Item Drop-off for you that makes item drop-off much faster.

If the answer to your question is not listed, please email us at [email protected].


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