Children's Consignment Sale this Friday, March 13 and Saturday, March 14

Mt. Bethel Children's Consignment Sale

Consignor Instructions

Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2020 Mt. Bethel Children’s Consignment Sale! Please read these instructions carefully before entering any items into the online system. Email us if you have any questions.

Important Reminders

  1. This sale features quality children’s/tween clothing, accessories, toys, books, furniture, and more for the Spring/Summer season. No Fall/Winter items will be allowed. See our Acceptable and Unacceptable Item list for other exclusions.
  2. Each consignor number is limited to 125 items. Consign your best quality children’s items. Our shoppers are looking for clothing and children’s items in great condition. If you have more than 125 items, you may register for another consignor number. This will require a different email address than your first consignor number.
  3. There is an $8 registration fee per consignor number used. Sale proceeds will be split 70 percent to the consignor and 30 percent to the sale. The registration fee and portion of sales that goes to the sale is tax deductible. The Seller Report and Donation Report, available at the conclusion of the sale, can be used for tax purposes. Be sure to run those reports before June 27, 2020.
  4. You must enter your items, make sure your mailing address is correct, and print your tags and inventory sheets by Tuesday, March 10 at 11:59pm.
  5. Checks will be mailed to the name and address listed in your consignor account within a week of the sale.
  6. If you register to consign for this sale and decide not to sell, you must unregister by Tuesday, March 3, 2020. If not, you may not be allowed to consign at the next sale.
  7. Tags must be printed on white card stock using black ink. This allows our scanners the best possibility to scan the tags at checkout. Do not use colored card stock or regular weight paper for tags. The colored card stock doesn’t scan well and regular weight paper is more likely to tear and fall off your item, making it harder to sell. Inventory sheets should be printed on regular weight white paper.  Click here to print the large ticket item.
  8. The minimum price for an item must be two dollars ($2.00). Fifty-cent increments are allowed.
  9. All items will be discounted by 30 percent on Saturday, so please check the “Discount All Items” option after entering your items. All items will be discounted regardless, but this will allow these tags to be scanned at checkout instead of being manually entered, causing slower lines.
  10. Unsold items that are not donated may be picked up between 4-5pm on Saturday, March 14. Please bring your photo ID as we randomly check at item pick-up. Any items not picked up by 5pm will be donated to our mission partners at 5:01pm.
  11. Please consider donating your unsold items. All unsold items that are donated go to support local, national, and worldwide non-profit organizations.


Preparing your items

  1. Before the system opens, you can begin pulling together your items, spot cleaning and mending clothes, hanging clothes on wire hangers, washing toys and sports equipment, and making decisions about what you would like to sell.
  2. As soon as the system opens and you register for the sale, you can begin entering items. The system will remain open until Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at 11:59pm. You must print your tags and inventory sheets before then.
  3. Organize your items according to the chart below. This will save you time when you enter them into the tagging system. Many of the fields autofill based on the previous entry, so organizing them by Item Type and Category is a huge time-saver.
  4. Check your items against our acceptable and unacceptable list and check for any recalls.
  5. Prepare your clothing:
    -  Wire hangers and safety pins are required. We will not accept items on plastic hangers or hung with straight pins.
    -  Hang clothes with the hook pointing to the left (like a question mark) when looking at the front of the item. Affix the tag to the upper right side of the item. (See diagrams below).
    -  Safety pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and safety pin the pants by the waist to the top of the hanger. Use only one hanger per set. Sets tend to sell better than individual items (especially under size 10).
    Pants alone should be pinned by the waist to the top of the hanger. This prevents them from sliding.
    -  Make sure clothes are cleaned, ironed, and mended. We do not accept clothing with stains, tears, or smoky smells. To maintain the highest quality, these items will be removed from the sales floor.
  6. Sizing:
    Please use numerical sizing only. Small, medium, and large sizing varies greatly between manufacturers. If your item is small, medium, or large, estimate a numerical size so it can be placed with like-sized items on the sales floor.
    -  For baby items with a size range (e.g. 3-6 months), use the smallest number size listed.
    -  Sizes accepted are Newborn to 20 in Girls/Juniors and Newborn to 20 in Boys.
  7. Boutique: Check your items against the Boutique Brands List. Select the Boutique Boys or Boutique Girls Category and write a good description. Make sure items labeled “Boutique” are boutique quality in new, excellent, or good condition. If a boutique item has a worn appearance, consider selling it on the regular clothing racks.
  8. Shoes: Shoes must be placed in Ziploc bags with the tag taped to the inside of the bag. Do not box shoes. Shoes and laces must be clean and in excellent condition. Bring your best!
  9. Toys/Games/Books: Toys must be in working order and MUST have working batteries. This includes all items including ride-on toys, playmates, etc. If we cannot see that it works, we will not accept it. Toys and games must be clean and have ALL pieces. Toys with multiple parts should be sealed in Ziploc bags and taped shut. Please no “grab” bags or fast food giveaway toys.
  10. DVDs/Blu-rays/Computer games/Video games (Gameboy, NintendoDS, Disney Infinity, Sega, Wii, XBOX, PS4): We accept DVDs/Blu-rays that are rated G and PG only, video games for game systems rated E or E-10 only, and computer software for children. DVDs/Blu-rays, computer software, and handheld games need to be in their original cases. No VHS tapes.
  11. Loose articles: Loose articles such as bibs, belts, hair bows, etc. must be placed in clear Ziploc bags with the tag attached to the outside of the bag. Tape bags completely shut to keep items secure. No loose pieces or open boxes.
  12. Large furniture and toys: Secure multiple pieces together so it is clear they are to be sold as one item. At Item Drop-off, you will affix your printed tag to our special large item tags then place the large item tag where it is clearly visible and secure. No hand-painted furniture.
  13.  Price: You set the price! A good rule of thumb is to price it what you would be willing to pay for it, keeping in mind quality, name brand, and condition, usually 20-35% of retail. Also keep in mind that certain sizes of clothing are more abundant than others, especially 18 months and smaller.


Item entry and tagging

  1. Click on the link for item entry and tag printing. Sign in using your consignor number and password. Forgot your login information? Contact us at [email protected].
  2. Enter items by category in the order listed above to save time.
  3. If you need to stop, you can save your work for later.
  4. When you have finished entering your items, make sure you have selected the “Discount” option. All items are discounted 30% on Saturday, and this saves time scanning them, keeping the line moving faster.
  5. Print your tags and two copies of your inventory sheet (one for our records and one for yours). Tags should be printed on white card stock with black ink; inventory sheets on regular white paper. Need clarification? Check the image on the right.
  6. The system will close on Tuesday, March 10, at 11:59pm. You must have your tags and inventory sheet entered and printed before then.
  7. Allow time to safety pin the tags on your clothes and affix them to your other items. For large items, bring your printed tags with you to Item Drop-off so they can be affixed on-site to our large item tags  and then affixed to your item.


Item Drop-Off

  1. Remember to sign up for a drop-off time. Please keep your scheduled drop-off time.
  2. Bring your inventory sheet printed single-sided on white paper. Print a second copy for your records.
  3. If you are donating ALL items that do not sell, you can drop your items off along with your printed inventory sheet. There is a separate line and entryway for “Donate All” consignors to make the process faster and lines shorter for all of our consignors.
  4. Be prepared to spend 20 minutes or more for Item Drop-off. You need to be able to bring all of your items into the drop-off area where they will be inspected before they are placed on the sales floor.
  5. Clothing needs to be dropped off separated by gender and then by size. All other items should be grouped by category (shoes, toys, accessories, etc.) to make the drop-off process smoother.
  6. Volunteers will receive your clothing, shoes, and accessories at the drop-off tables. You will then be directed to the designated locations for your remaining items, including large item tagging and drop-off.
  7. Bring in large items last. We usually have a few hand trucks and helpers available if needed. You will need to affix the barcoded tag you printed for your large item onto our large item tags, and then affix them to your item at drop-off. Allow a few extra minutes for this. We will have cable ties, pens, and tape available for you.
  8. Please be patient at Item Drop-off. The process may go quickly, or it may take a little more time.